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Heartburn (known as Gastroesophageal acid reflux disorder) can cause excessive oesophageal and chest pain subsequent to eating. Burning sensations following eating are due to the leakage of stomach acid and regurgitation to the oesophagus. Onset varies and may last from minutes to hours after food consumption. Consuming foods with a high fat content, acidity, or spice increase the chances of getting heartburn, but many people often suffer regardless of what they consume.

Continual exposure to stomach acid regurgitation (or GORD) increases chances of chronic problems for the oesophagus (i.e. oesophageal cancers, oesophagitis, or strictures). Nexium (esomeprazole) taken orally deals with stomach and oesophageal troubles through decreasing stomach acid production and relieving signs and symptoms of GORD. This medication is available through our online pharmacy with no prescription.

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