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Ordering from an online pharmacy can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. While we’ve tried to streamline the experience, making it as easy and user-friendly as possible, we expect you’ll have some questions. In particular, we assume you’ll wonder about the various treatments we supply and the afflictions they’re designed to cure.

Here we attempt to answer a range of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We also look to share other information we believe you may find useful.


What are the benefits of taking medications?

Different medicines work in different ways, and each will be formulated to treat different health issues and illnesses. This means the exact advantages a medication delivers will depend on what it is and why you’re taking it. For example, some medications aid in negating certain symptoms, whereas others are supposed to be taken as a preventative measure. For example, ED pharmaceuticals work symptomatically and temporarily - they're efficient, but don't cure the disease.

Are there any side effects?

Regardless the medicine type, there’s always the risk of unwanted effects. While these are usually minor and reasonably unlikely, there’s still value in understanding what to expect and any extra issues a medication may cause. You should also be aware of how any additional pharmaceuticals will interact with the other pills you’re already taking.

Can I minimise the likelihood of negative reactions?

While most side effects can’t be avoided, some are caused by simple misuse (either intentionally or unintentionally). For instance, if the dose you’re taking is too large or isn’t administered correctly (e.g. taken without food), the potential for negative impacts could be heightened. Similarly, taking anything that’s out-of-date or prescribed for someone else increases your risk profile. As such, it’s critical you closely follow all instructions and stick to medications meant for you.

How quickly will it work?

A medication’s effective speed will depend on its elements and planned use. For example, most common pain-relief remedies will work almost immediately and wear off after a few hours. But hair-loss solutions have more of a cumulative effect and will take a couple of weeks (or even months) to start having the desired results.

How will I know if what I’m taking is working?

There’s usually a clear purpose for you to start taking medication, like managing discomfort or chronic health issues. In most instances, if a remedy is working, you’ll notice an obvious improvement in those areas. However, sometimes you won’t be able to sense a change and may require tests to confirm you’re actually getting better.

How long should I take a medication?

When recommending a medication, most doctors stipulate that you take it for a set amount of time or in specific situations. Using these drugs longer-term, or in greater volumes than directed, can reduce their effectiveness and create lasting health problems. As such, you should always adhere to your doctor’s guidance and consult them if you have any reservations.

How should I store my medications?

The ideal storage environment varies from medication to medication, depending on the form it comes in and the chemical compounds it contains. Some will be sensitive to sunlight or heat, and others will need to avoid moisture or be refrigerated. The label will spell out any special requirements and these should be carefully followed. Also, be conscious of the use-by date and throw out any products that are past their prime.

Why are generic meds cheaper than brand name varieties?

Non-patented versions of medicines are less expensive because their manufacturers use a ready-made chemical formula, so bear fewer production costs. While generics are affordable when compared to the brand name offering, they’re generally just as potent. In fact, as the active ingredients are the same, usually in the same dose, they should have an identical impact. They will also be produced to the same quality standards and meet the same safety requirements.

My medication has stopped working – what should I do?

Many factors that can influence a medication’s effectiveness. For example, another medication could be interfering with it, you could be taking it incorrectly, or you could have built up a tolerance. To work out the precise reason, and the most efficient way to fix it, speak to your GP.


Why am I experiencing erectile dysfunction?

While psychological issues (e.g. anxiety or depression) can contribute to erectile dysfunction, it’s usually due to a physical illness. This generally develops slowly, over an extended period, with function lost gradually. Most often, it’s because other issues, like blood pressure concerns or diabetes, or lifestyle factors, like obesity or smoking, are impacting circulation. Some medications – like those designed to manage psychiatric disorders and cholesterol – can also exacerbate erectile issues.

How do erectile dysfunction treatments work?

Put simply, erectile dysfunction treatments increase blood flow to the penis by relaxing the blood vessels. This makes it easier to both initially become erect, and to remain hard once you do. Moreover, it can help you increase sexual performance.

However, we must make an important distinction – these aren’t aphrodisiacs and won’t boost your libido or sexual appetite. As such, stimulation will still be required to promote arousal.

How fast do treatments work?

Currently, there are several different erectile dysfunction treatments available, and each one works somewhat differently. Most are suitable to be taken roughly 30-60 minutes before sex and will continue working for 4-6 hours. However, ingesting a high-fat meal will slow down the absorption rate, meaning a longer initial wait time.

Are there known side effects of ED pills?

Yes, but they’re usually fairly mild and most men aren’t too bothered by them. For example, you may feel slightly headachy or flush, or develop indigestion, a runny nose or blurred vision. More serious issues, like priapism (maintaining an erection for 4+ hours) and sudden hearing loss, can happen, but are extremely rare.

Which treatment should I choose?

As you have a number of choices, and there are small differences between each option, you should select the one that best suits your requirements. This could mean picking based on cost, known side effects, or ease of use – whatever matters most to you. There are also multiple generic versions, which have all the same active agents, but at a cheaper price.


Do I need to consult a doctor before placing an order?

Depending on what you’re seeking, you may need to consult your physician, or a relevant specialist, before shopping with ozepharmacy.com.au. Even if it’s not a necessity, we strongly recommend speaking to a medical professional about any new medications you’re considering taking. They’ll be able to provide advice on your alternatives, inform you of the probable risks, and suggest the best course of action.

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, you’ll need a prescription to purchase certain pharmaceuticals. These products usually address more serious ailments or illnesses and are generally stronger than most other medications. As such, you’ll need to have a diagnosed reason to take them, as shown by a formal prescription.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we regularly reward our loyal customers with discounts on some of our most popular items. To see our current promotions, check out the latest edition of our newsletter, which is sent to registered customers. New clients can also find special promotions and we provide free shipping for all orders reaching a certain amount. This gives you a good excuse to stock up on all your favourites!

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