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Products of Hair Loss medications category

The progressional loss of hair and hair fragility is a regular sign of growing older, but, genetics and hormonal changes are important risk factors. Male and female hair loss, additionally referred to as 'androgenetic alopecia' represents a prevalent classification for loss of hair. This usually presents in males as both thinning and retreating hairlines, and broadened thinning of hair mainly within the front and top locations on the head in both genders. Balding affects physical and mental well-being, often sequentially leading to low self-esteem and depression.

Medicines which include Propecia (finasteride) are taken orally to treat pattern baldness by recruiting growth of hair while limiting progressional balding. Another alternative is Rogaine (minoxidil) drops topically applied to balding spots to fight and prevent androgenetic alopecia via stimulating growth. These remedies are available to buy through our online pharmacy without prescription.

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