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Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)


Tamoxifen is a tried and tested, old but gold treatment for breast cancer. It's designed to be taken once to twice per day for up to five years, but it should be used under a doctor's supervision at all times. It's sold under the commercial name Nolvadex. It's useful for treating Albright syndrome in distinctive cases.

Tamoxifen is also listed as part of the WHO's list of essential medications. With the right dosage and treatment regime, it's a great tool for women coping with the symptoms and difficulties of breast cancer.

Nolvadex 10mg

Package Per pill Price Savings Bonus
30 Pills AUD 1.07
AUD 32.12
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60 Pills AUD 0.76
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120 Pills AUD 0.70
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Nolvadex 20mg

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30 Pills AUD 1.25
AUD 37.52
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60 Pills AUD 1.13
AUD 67.65
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90 Pills AUD 1.04
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120 Pills AUD 0.98
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180 Pills AUD 0.91
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How Does Tamoxifen 10mg and 20mg Work?

Tamoxifen's mechanism of action, combined with its half-life and the appropriate dose, makes it a reliable method of dealing with breast cancers. It's available in 10mg and 20mg tablets, and it is a useful addition to chemotherapy (radiation) treatment. When used in combination with or following chemotherapy, it dramatically increases recovery rates and post-cancer quality of life.

As a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), this pill is useful for treating early-stage breast cancer following surgical intercession. As an estrogen receptor (ER) agonist, it either mimics or antagonizes estrogen. It also acts as an ER antagonist, inhibiting the transcription of estrogen-responsive genes.

Following oral dosing, Tamoxifen (generic Nolvadex) is almost entirely (~100%) absorbed through the intestines. The apex of the drug's concentrations is evident within three to seven hours. A steady magnitude will be attained following several weeks of treatment. It's metabolized in the liver tissue to form metabolites including afimoxifene, endoxifen, N-desmethyltamoxifen, norendoxifen, and others.

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Buying and selling online is a legitimate business model, and all Australian's can safely purchase Tamoxifen citrate from anywhere with an internet connection. In fact, you can visit our website and buy directly from your computer, cellphone, laptop, or any other electronics connected to the internet.

But why buy online? The cost of branded medication in Australia is very high. Despite widespread healthcare, Medicare, and the suite of health insurance providers, the price of Nolvadex is excessively high for the average middle or lower-class Australian.

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Want to find out more about where to buy Tamoxifen in Australia? Have some technical questions? Contact our friendly team of highly trained customer service professionals.

Common Questions About Buying Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) from an Online Pharmacy and Its Using

Is Nolvadex illegal in Australia?

Tamoxifen is a Schedule 4 prescription-only medication in Australia. Regulatory bodies have mandated this to reduce incidences of improper use. However, you can purchase it online without a prescription from web stores like ours.

What does it do?

It works directly on breast cancer cells to block estrogen receptors, reducing cell division and the proliferation of cancerous tissue. It simulates estrogen elsewhere in the body, including in the bones and other organs.

What is it used for?

Tamoxifen is used as a treatment and preventative for breast cancer. Knowing when to take it is important, particularly when used in a preventative manner.

How to use and take it?

Always follow your doctor's orders when taking it to reduce the risk of adverse long term side effects.

What is the best time to take it?

For some, it's taken daily. Choose the time which is best to be remembered for you. Others take it periodically according to their doctor's advice.

Alternative Uses of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) for Sale in Australia

Breast cancer (tumour) treatment is its most popular use, but it's also used for various other conclusions. For example, it's widely used in bodybuilding as part of your post-cycle therapy (PCT) for men when coming off a cycle of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) like steroids. It's good to cultivate knowledge about the benefits of using Tamoxifen during your cycle to ensure you complete the correct post-cycle therapy.

Widely used PEDs include anabolic steroids and prohormones. They are designed for stimulating muscle growth, rapid recovery, and increasingly strong limbs. However, they have severe repercussions for hormone levels, suppressing testosterone production and reducing activity in the balls. With appropriate PCT, your hormones will return to pre-PED levels. Nolvadex for sale is a popular option, although Clomid is also used.

Tamoxifen is a viable treatment for gyno (gynecomastia), the benign growth of glandular tissue among males, particularly among the young and elderly. It can be caused by conditions such as cirrhosis, tumours, or illicit drug addictions.

Side Effects and Contraindications

These pills have assorted short-term and long-term side effects. A few of these include weight gain (edema), weight loss, osteoporosis, and hair thinning due to hormone disproportion. Even those with a prescription can suffer the dangers of improper use. Hot flashes and other menopause-like symptoms are possible, along with standard side effects like fatigue, headaches, and nausea. It can cause an elevated risk of endometrial cancer.

Alcohol and Tamoxifen may not be safe to consume together (minor quantities can be allowed), as ethyl alcohol may alter the effect of the medicine. Alcoholic drinks can raise the risk of side effects with the medicine, some of which can be serious. They also can raise your risk of developing breast cancer.

Those suffering from depression should be careful taking Tamoxifen, especially alongside antidepressants like paroxetine and sertraline. It usually is safe, but they can reduce Nolvadex's usefulness by competing for the CYP2D6 enzymatic compound. Other interactions include with anastrozole, letrozole, rifamycins, phenytoin, secobarbital, and others.

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