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Privacy Policy

At ozepharmacy.com.au, we’re committed to delivering the most convenient, highest quality service possible. We pride ourselves on our discretion, our confidential treatment of customer information, and the robustness of our data management systems. We’ve also designed our shopping experience to be simple and user-friendly, and we aim for quick and accurate order fulfilment.

Our Privacy Policy guides this and is detailed below. It states that using this site means you’re agreeing to the terms outlined here, including regarding the gathering of personal information. You’re also permitting us to use the information provided during the provision of our services.

If you do not agree to this, or anything listed hereafter, please exclude yourself from this website. Also, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, need clarification, or want to raise concerns. Our support staff can be contacted via email or through our enquiries form.


When purchasing goods, you’ll be required to provide certain unique identifiers. These will be requested in the checkout section and must be provided to place an order. This will include:

  • Your preferred name and surname
  • Your residential address, including your city / suburb, state, and postcode
  • Your phone number
  • A valid email address

Once you’ve submitted your initial order, your details will be kept on file to assist with future interactions. We’ll also register you as a member and login credentials will be emailed to you. Returning customers are encouraged to sign into their existing accounts to streamline the ordering process and minimise the requirement to re-enter data.

While you’re using our website, either for research or to buy, we’ll also record some non-personal information. This will specifically pertain to the nature and structure of your visit and will entail:

  • How long you visited, and the amount of time spent viewing each page.
  • The operating system and type of browser you used.
  • Any activities complete, including specific actions attempted on each page.

This information is collected purely for the purpose of developing a better understanding of site usage and analysing site performance. All insight is stored anonymously, with no identifying features, and no connection to your buyer account.


The main reason we gather personal information is to enable dispatching of your virtual pharmacy order. The details we request allow us to put together your order, package the purchased materials, and send them to you. They are also necessary to establish parcel tracking and aid us to address any issues arising post-purchase.

After you have successfully placed your first order, your email address will be automatically added to our newsletter distribution list. As a result, you’ll occasionally receive email messages from us with details of special offers and potential products of interest. To stop receiving these emails, simply scroll to the bottom of the message and click the “Unsubscribe” link, and you’ll be removed from our mailing list.

Please note: We do not sell, rent, or share customer email addresses with marketing companies or any other third parties.


Ozepharmacy.com.au is passionate about privacy and committed to protecting our valued customers. We use a variety of data security measures to ensure the safety of the personal information we collect. We also conduct all additional communications and commercial operations per the appropriate legislation.

Here we detail our approach to storing and maintaining the customer information collected throughout the transaction process.

Data encryption

Any sensitive information shared will be protected by robust encryption measures, keeping it safe both online and offline. This means that, when you provide personal information, it will be encrypted before being securely transferred to us. As confirmation of this, please note the lock icon that appears in your browser’s web address field and the “https” web address. These are indications of secure sites that use data encryption to keep information safe.

Offline, we use strict data access controls to keep your personal details safe. This means that only those that need this information to do their job (e.g. processing billing, responding to customer queries, etc.) can view it. We also store all individually identifiable information on hardware that is kept in an entirely secure location.

Payment processing

This website does not collect, store, or maintain any information on a client’s financial situation or banking arrangements. All credit card transactions are managed through an independent third-party platform, which lodges charges and confirms success. The strength of this outsourced solution lies in the complete separation of accountabilities and the partner organisation is solely responsible for the administration of monies paid.


To make this website quicker and easier for users to navigate, we employ of cookies. These are small (usually text) files saved in your computer’s cache component which help our technology recognise you as a previous visitor. They are absolutely harmless, almost every website uses them, and make a major difference to page download speeds.

When you first arrive at our homepage, you will notice an alert informing you that the site employs cookies. At this point, you will be asked to accept their use or leave the site. If you are keen to explore the site, but don’t want cookies enabled, contact our customer support team. You can do this by visiting the customer care page and making the appropriate submission.

Cookies are particularly useful because they retain information about the products you have looked at, or selected, but not bought. For example, if you check out our product range and add a few items to your cart, but close your browser before buying, cookies will make sure those products are there when you come back. Without them, your browser would forget everything you did on your last visit, and you would have to start from scratch, completely redoing your order.

If you want to delete our cookies, they can be fully deleted from your hardware – however, the exact process changes depending on the browser. For example, Google Chrome users will find the relevant check box in the “Clear browser history” area.


The conditions set out in the policy apply exclusively to the use and management of this website. As such, these provisions do not extend to:

  • Links to External Sites: Throughout your time on this website, there may be occasions where you’re directed over to external sites for more information. Each site will have its own Privacy Policy and information collection and management standards, which it will be subject to. For further detail on how your data will be used on one of these sites, please consult that site’s privacy statement. We cannot be held responsible for their decisions or conduct.
  • Individual medication brands: ozepharmacy.com.au is an independent electronic medical dispensary and not connected in any way to any individual pharmaceutical brand. We do not own any such brands (e.g. Viagra, Cialis), and their designs and logos are the registered intellectual property of their parent company (e.g. Levitra is a product and brand wholely owned and distributed by Bayer). Titles like Sildenafil and Tadalafil apply to both generic products and the active ingredients they contain, which other licensed drug companies can legally use following the expiration of the original patent.

We use cookies to enhanced your experience. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use cookies.

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