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Ventolin (Salbutamol)

Ventolin Inhaler

Salbutamol (albuterol) is an active substance and also the generic name for Ventolin, a popular and widely used asthma medication. It's designed to aid the relaxation of smooth muscles in the airways, oesophagus, throat, and lungs. With this function, it's commonly taken by people with breathing issues.

Countless humans globally suffer asthmatic reactions and similar respiratory system ailments every single day. Purchasing online, over the counter, without a prescription is a safe, affordable method of obtaining pure salbutamol.

Ventolin Inhaler 100mcg

Package Per inhaler Price Savings Bonus
1 inhaler AUD 43.98
AUD 43.98
2 inhalers AUD 37.85
AUD 75.69
AUD 12.27
3 inhalers AUD 34.91
AUD 104.72
AUD 27.22
4 inhalers AUD 32.92
AUD 131.66
AUD 44.26
5 inhalers AUD 31.00
AUD 155.01
AUD 64.89

Buy Ventolin (Salbutamol) Inhaler Online With Anonymous Delivery

Our online pharmacy opens possibilities for buying generic Ventolin (Salbutamol) 100mcg online with safe, anonymous delivery. We ship throughout Australia to all states and territories. Express shipping is available to urban centres including Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, Hobart, Launceston, Albany, and other lesser-known towns. We even deliver to remote communities, settlements, stations, and anywhere the postal service is available.

Anonymous delivery is always available. Products are packed safely and with the utmost care. Identifying details are avoided to ensure nosey neighbours, postmen, and others can't poke their noses into your personal matters.

Can Ventolin be Offered Over the Counter in Australia?

Do you need a prescription? No, medical scripts aren't needed for procuring Ventolin over the counter in Australian territories. Legally purchase medications such as Ventolin from our internet pharmaceutical distributor and cease dispensing unnecessary cash for pills due to excessive cost.

Want to know the benefits of shopping with us? They include:

  • High purity products throughout with no dangerous or harmful impurities.
  • Unbeatable price with a focus on saving you money.
  • Anonymous purchasing and posting to avoid agitating encounters.
  • Product availability seven days a week, and twenty-four hours per day.
  • Streamlined, secure purchasing with various payment methods.
  • Ability to buy no-prescription Ventolin (but don't forget to consult a doctor first).

Want Ventolin for a cough or for bronchitis? We have your back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Salbutamol

Can you overdose on Salbutamol?

Yes, overdose is possible with Salbutamol. Signs of an overdose include tachycardia, hypokalemia, lactic acidosis, cardiac arrhythmias, and hyperglycemia. Always follow the recommended dosing instructions.

How often can you use Ventolin?

Your doctor will advise the correct dose and frequency of dose. Commonly, Ventolin is taken one or two puffs at a time, and up to four times per 24 hours. This is different for everyone, though.

How to take Ventolin and use an inhaler?

First, remove the cap. Secondly, check the dose counter is correct (if applicable), hold the puffer upright, and vigorously agitate to mix contents. Exhale gently, take the mouthpiece between your teeth, and seal with your lips. Press the button on the inhaler while inhaling slowly.

Is salbutamol a steroid?

No, this substance isn't a steroid. Rather, it's a sympathomimetic bronchodilator designed to aid the relaxation of airway muscles for easier breathing.

When to use Salbutamol?

Take advantage of this drug when suffering from asthma symptoms or complications. Always use in accordance with your healthcare professional's instructions.

What is it used for?

This drug is designed to aid breathing and clear the airways in those who struggle to breathe because of asthma or similar health problems. It's common to ask questions such as "what does salbutamol do?". Answer is simple: it dilates (widens) the airways.

How many puffs of Salbutamol is safe?

This depends on your dosage and any professional instructions you've received. One to two puffs is usually a safe dose.

Side Effects of Ventolin

Side effects can occur, even with the correct dosage. Notification of your doctor or health professional is crucial following health issues to prevent ongoing harmful dilemmas. Commonplace side effects include:

  • Muscular cramping
  • Warmth or flushing following a dose
  • Hyperactivity, particularly for kids
  • Nauseous feelings (wanting to vomit)
  • Shaky or trembly feelings of fingers, toes, or other body parts.

More formidable side effects are possible on rare occasions.

  • Ketoacidosis, caused by elevated blood sugar. Telltale signs include sweet-smelling breath, dizziness, buccal numbness, and tearfulness.
  • Elevated heartbeat signalling potentially more serious reactions to Ventolin and its ingredients.
  • Depressive feelings, including suicidal thoughts, tiredness, and a lack of motivational energy.

Serious effects are extraordinarily rare, but hospitalisation can transpire in severe cases. Long-term side effects are rare.

Ventolin Interactions With Other Drugs

Wondering how does Ventolin work and interact with other drugs? Well, significant interactions do occur and you need to be aware of the other medications you shouldn't consume with Salbutamol. A few of these include:

  • Diuretics designed to decrease blood pressure.
  • Chlorpromazine (for mood disorder remediation).
  • Beta-agonists of sympathomimetic amines. These can be found in weight reduction, cold and flu, hay fever, and various other medications.
  • Imipramine (depression treatment).
  • Corticosteroids.

Never use with alternative breathing problem treatments including ipratropium and other inhaled anticholinergics, and xanthine derivatives like aminophylline and theophylline. It's important to consult with your healthcare professional before using Ventolin to ensure you're not at risk of serious interactions with other medications.

What to Know About Salbutamol and Pregnancy

Studies confirm that Ventolin and its generic versions are safe to use during pregnancy. In Australia, they are categorized as negligible risk substances, and there has been significant research outlining the safety of Salbutamol in pregnancy.

Similar research confirms that Salbutamol is safe to take while breastfeeding. It may be present in the mother's milk in minute quantities, but these are harmless to developing infants and babies. Remember, always seek a professional opinion if you're worried.

Storage of Ventolin Puffers

Storing your Ventolin puffer appropriately will prevent degradation of the medication and ensure that it's always available for emergency use. A few pointers include:

  • Maintaining a regular climate for storage. Temperatures below 30 degrees are important, and you should never leave your puffer in a hot vehicle or on a windowsill.
  • Avoid exposure to frost or direct bright sunlight which can damage the integrity of your medication.
  • Never store your puffer in the refrigerator, or else it may not work properly.
  • Always store away from children to prevent accidental ingestion or overdose.

Additionally, it's essential to dispose of used Ventolin puffers in an appropriate manner. They are pressurized and should never be burnt, or punctured, even when empty. Avoid using your puffer once it has reached its expiry date.

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